Our Praise Team Leader

Our praise team leader is Tom Brannan who joined us in August 2011.
Tom was born July 1,1956 and started playing guitar when he was 8 yrs old. He began playing in Christian bands when he was just 14 yrs old and has played with The Christ Machine at the Oakdale U.P.Church and the Carnegie Presbyterian Church. He's also played in the Oakdale Flood Releif Benefit Concert 2004, the Benefit Concert For Julie Hanczar, Folk Mass Group Saturday evenings at St.Alphonsus in McDonald,PA and played in the High School Musical "All Shook Up" at Fort Cherry High School. Tom married Amy Cardillo from Oakdale,PA on October 17,1981 and they have a daughter, Kari Marie Brannan, born May 6,1986. For 25 years Tom has served as a letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service. Tom says he owes his parents, grandparents, John Daniels and other friends and family members too many to mention for his Faith and Love of the Lord and learning to worship Him, especially using music!